Brides Stars

Jamboree 2016

This years VW Show season has drawn to a close but we are already looking forward to a great event next year for our 30th Cornwall VW Jamboree so make a note for your next year’s calendar now, August Bank Holiday Weekend 26th to 29th August 2016.


Show and Shine Results



1 Standard air cooled sedan

1st Katy & Justine

2nd Martin Curtis

3rd Paul Diddy

2 Modified air cooled sedan

1st Nick Quince

WAC Beetle 1st

2nd Jacqui Winter

3rd Weller Chubb

3 Standard type2 T1 (Splitty)

1st Nick Coultas

2nd James Russell

3rd Lee Murras

4 Modified/patina type2 T1(Splitty)

1st Dusty Millar


2nd Marc Pickett

3rd Nick Barker

5 Standard type2 T2 68/79 (Bay)

1st Richard Honey

2nd Andrew Ford

3rd Ed Carrington

6 Modified type2 T2 68/79 (Bay)

1st Mark Axford

m axford

2nd Morgan Hall

3rd Ratty Pete

7 Standard/modified type2 T3 (Type 25)

1st Billy Goss

2nd Jolyon Sharpe

3rd Paul Capey

8 Standard/modified T4

1st John Power

2nd Mike Sayell

3rd Lee Francis

T4 3rd


9 Standard/modified T5

1st Nick Kinsman

2nd Steve Taylor

3rd Mr & Mrs Bennellick

10 Standard water cooled 73/91 (Car)

1st Tom Rawlings

2nd James Fuller

3rd Emma Spare

11 Modified Water Cooled 73/91 car

1st John Brownhill

2nd James George

3rd Ian Baldwin

12 Standard water cooled 91/05 (Car)

1st Nigel Martin

2nd Rachel Axford

R Axford Beetle

3rd Tim Berry

13 Modified water cooled 91/05 (Car)

1st Sally Minchin

2nd Gary Ainsbury

3rd Abi Ainsbury

14 New VW 05/current

1st Joseph Woolhead

2nd Lawrence Bentley

3rd Shaun Rees

Shaun Rees Beetl Cab

15 VW based kits and specials

1st David Rayment

2nd Simon Surridge

3rd Cornish Chopper

16 Junior Dubber’s rides

1st Craig Morris

2nd Kelly Davis

3rd Kelly Davis

17 People’s Choice

Votes cast by the visitors to the Show and Shine. This class replaced
Spirit of the show.

Martyn Lawrence – T4

Peoples Choice

Jamboree 2015 Day 3

The third and final day and the busiest around the show site with numerous day visitors and our annual Show and Shine car show.
Overnight the weather had taken a turn for the worse and we awoke to steady rain falling from the sky!
Luckily at about the same time as the registrations for the car show ended the rain stopped and the sky brightened to allow a few rays of sunshine to caress the event. Phew, the day stayed dry until late evening when there was a little drizzle but nothing to stop our enjoyment.
Another great day was enjoyed all around.

_DSC7387.JPG _DSC7388.JPG _DSC7389.JPG _DSC7390.JPG _DSC7391.JPG _DSC7392.JPG _DSC7393.JPG _DSC7394.JPG _DSC7395.JPG _DSC7396.JPG _DSC7397.JPG _DSC7398.JPG _DSC7399.JPG _DSC7400.JPG _DSC7401.JPG _DSC7402.JPG _DSC7403.JPG _DSC7404.JPG _DSC7405.JPG _DSC7406.JPG _DSC7407.JPG _DSC7408.JPG _DSC7409.JPG _DSC7410.JPG _DSC7411.JPG _DSC7412.JPG _DSC7413.JPG _DSC7414.JPG _DSC7415.JPG _DSC7416.JPG _DSC7417.JPG _DSC7418.JPG _DSC7419.JPG _DSC7420.JPG _DSC7421.JPG _DSC7422.JPG _DSC7423.JPG _DSC7424.JPG _DSC7425.JPG _DSC7426.JPG _DSC7427.JPG _DSC7428.JPG _DSC7429.JPG _DSC7430.JPG _DSC7431.JPG _DSC7432.JPG _DSC7433.JPG _DSC7434.JPG _DSC7435.JPG _DSC7436.JPG _DSC7437.JPG _DSC7438.JPG _DSC7439.JPG _DSC7440.JPG _DSC7441.JPG _DSC7442.JPG _DSC7445.JPG _DSC7446.JPG _DSC7447.JPG _DSC7448.JPG _DSC7449.JPG _DSC7450.JPG _DSC7451.JPG _DSC7452.JPG _DSC7453.JPG _DSC7454.JPG _DSC7455.JPG _DSC7456.JPG _DSC7457.JPG _DSC7458.JPG _DSC7459.JPG _DSC7460.JPG _DSC7461.JPG _DSC7462.JPG _DSC7463.JPG _DSC7464.JPG _DSC7465.JPG _DSC7466.JPG _DSC7467.JPG _DSC7468.JPG _DSC7469.JPG _DSC7470.JPG _DSC7471.JPG _DSC7472.JPG _DSC7473.JPG _DSC7474.JPG _DSC7475.JPG _DSC7476.JPG _DSC7477.JPG _DSC7478.JPG _DSC7479.JPG _DSC7480.JPG _DSC7481.JPG _DSC7482.JPG _DSC7484.JPG _DSC7485.JPG _DSC7486.JPG _DSC7487.JPG _DSC7488.JPG _DSC7489.JPG _DSC7490.JPG _DSC7491.JPG _DSC7492.JPG _DSC7493.JPG _DSC7494.JPG _DSC7495.JPG _DSC7496.JPG _DSC7497.JPG _DSC7498.JPG _DSC7499.JPG _DSC7500.JPG _DSC7501.JPG _DSC7502.JPG _DSC7503.JPG _DSC7504.JPG _DSC7505.JPG _DSC7506.JPG _DSC7507.JPG _DSC7508.JPG _DSC7509.JPG _DSC7510.JPG _DSC7511.JPG _DSC7512.JPG _DSC7513.JPG _DSC7514.JPG _DSC7515.JPG _DSC7516.JPG _DSC7517.JPG _DSC7518.JPG _DSC7519.JPG _DSC7520.JPG _DSC7521.JPG _DSC7522.JPG _DSC7523.JPG _DSC7524.JPG _DSC7525.JPG _DSC7526.JPG _DSC7527.JPG _DSC7528.JPG _DSC7529.JPG _DSC7530.JPG _DSC7531.JPG _DSC7532.JPG _DSC7533.JPG _DSC7534.JPG _DSC7535.JPG _DSC7536.JPG _DSC7537.JPG _DSC7538.JPG _DSC7539.JPG _DSC7540.JPG _DSC7541.JPG _DSC7542.JPG _DSC7543.JPG _DSC7544.JPG _DSC7545.JPG _DSC7546.JPG _DSC7547.JPG _DSC7548.JPG _DSC7549.JPG _DSC7550.JPG _DSC7551.JPG _DSC7552.JPG _DSC7553.JPG _DSC7554.JPG _DSC7555.JPG _DSC7556.JPG _DSC7557.JPG _DSC7558.JPG _DSC7559.JPG _DSC7560.JPG _DSC7561.JPG _DSC7562.JPG _DSC7563.JPG _DSC7564.JPG _DSC7565.JPG _DSC7566.JPG _DSC7567.JPG _DSC7568.JPG _DSC7569.JPG _DSC7570.JPG _DSC7571.JPG _DSC7572.JPG _DSC7573.JPG _DSC7574.JPG _DSC7575.JPG _DSC7576.JPG _DSC7577.JPG _DSC7578.MOV _DSC7579.MOV

Jamboree 2015 Day 2

Another sunny day with plenty going of and an excellent line up if entertainment during the day and on into the evening.

_DSC7097.JPG _DSC7098.JPG _DSC7099.JPG _DSC7100.JPG _DSC7101.JPG _DSC7102.JPG _DSC7103.JPG _DSC7104.JPG _DSC7105.JPG _DSC7106.JPG _DSC7107.JPG _DSC7109.JPG _DSC7110.JPG _DSC7111.JPG _DSC7112.JPG _DSC7113.JPG _DSC7114.JPG _DSC7115.JPG _DSC7116.JPG _DSC7117.JPG _DSC7118.JPG _DSC7119.JPG _DSC7120.JPG _DSC7121.JPG _DSC7122.JPG _DSC7123.JPG _DSC7124.JPG _DSC7125.JPG _DSC7126.JPG _DSC7127.JPG _DSC7128.JPG _DSC7129.JPG _DSC7130.JPG _DSC7131.JPG _DSC7132.JPG _DSC7133.JPG _DSC7134.JPG _DSC7135.JPG _DSC7136.JPG _DSC7137.JPG _DSC7138.JPG _DSC7139.JPG _DSC7140.JPG _DSC7141.JPG _DSC7142.JPG _DSC7143.JPG _DSC7144.JPG _DSC7145.JPG _DSC7146.JPG _DSC7147.JPG _DSC7148.JPG _DSC7149.JPG _DSC7150.JPG _DSC7151.JPG _DSC7152.JPG _DSC7153.JPG _DSC7154.JPG _DSC7155.JPG _DSC7156.JPG _DSC7157.JPG _DSC7158.JPG _DSC7159.JPG _DSC7160.JPG _DSC7161.JPG _DSC7162.JPG _DSC7163.JPG _DSC7164.JPG _DSC7165.JPG _DSC7166.JPG _DSC7167.JPG _DSC7168.JPG _DSC7169.JPG _DSC7170.JPG _DSC7171.JPG _DSC7172.JPG _DSC7173.JPG _DSC7174.JPG _DSC7175.JPG _DSC7176.JPG _DSC7177.JPG _DSC7178.JPG _DSC7179.JPG _DSC7180.JPG _DSC7181.JPG _DSC7182.JPG _DSC7183.JPG _DSC7184.JPG _DSC7185.JPG _DSC7186.JPG _DSC7187.JPG _DSC7188.JPG _DSC7189.JPG _DSC7190.JPG _DSC7191.JPG _DSC7192.JPG _DSC7193.JPG _DSC7194.JPG _DSC7195.JPG _DSC7196.JPG _DSC7197.JPG _DSC7198.JPG _DSC7199.JPG _DSC7200.JPG _DSC7201.JPG _DSC7202.JPG _DSC7203.JPG _DSC7204.JPG _DSC7205.JPG _DSC7206.JPG _DSC7207.JPG _DSC7208.JPG _DSC7213.JPG _DSC7215.JPG _DSC7255.MOV _DSC7216.JPG _DSC7217.JPG _DSC7218.JPG _DSC7219.JPG _DSC7220.JPG _DSC7221.JPG _DSC7222.JPG _DSC7223.JPG _DSC7228.JPG _DSC7229.JPG _DSC7230.JPG _DSC7231.JPG _DSC7232.JPG _DSC7233.JPG _DSC7234.JPG _DSC7235.JPG _DSC7236.JPG _DSC7237.JPG _DSC7238.JPG _DSC7239.JPG _DSC7240.JPG _DSC7241.JPG _DSC7242.JPG _DSC7243.JPG _DSC7244.JPG _DSC7245.JPG _DSC7246.JPG _DSC7247.JPG _DSC7248.JPG _DSC7249.JPG _DSC7250.JPG _DSC7251.JPG _DSC7275.MOV _DSC7252.JPG _DSC7253.JPG _DSC7254.JPG _DSC7258.JPG _DSC7263.JPG _DSC7264.JPG _DSC7265.JPG _DSC7266.JPG _DSC7267.JPG _DSC7268.JPG _DSC7269.JPG _DSC7270.JPG _DSC7271.JPG _DSC7272.JPG _DSC7273.JPG _DSC7276.JPG _DSC7277.JPG _DSC7278.JPG _DSC7279.JPG _DSC7280.JPG _DSC7281.JPG _DSC7282.JPG _DSC7283.JPG _DSC7284.JPG _DSC7285.JPG _DSC7286.JPG _DSC7287.JPG _DSC7288.JPG _DSC7289.JPG _DSC7290.JPG _DSC7291.JPG _DSC7295.MOV _DSC7292.JPG _DSC7293.JPG _DSC7294.JPG _DSC7296.JPG _DSC7297.JPG _DSC7298.JPG _DSC7299.JPG _DSC7300.JPG _DSC7301.JPG _DSC7302.JPG _DSC7303.JPG _DSC7304.JPG _DSC7305.JPG _DSC7306.JPG _DSC7307.JPG _DSC7308.JPG _DSC7309.JPG _DSC7310.JPG _DSC7311.JPG _DSC7312.JPG _DSC7313.JPG _DSC7314.JPG _DSC7315.JPG _DSC7316.JPG _DSC7317.JPG _DSC7318.JPG _DSC7319.JPG _DSC7322.JPG _DSC7323.JPG _DSC7324.JPG _DSC7325.JPG _DSC7327.JPG _DSC7328.JPG _DSC7329.JPG _DSC7330.JPG _DSC7331.JPG _DSC7332.JPG _DSC7333.JPG _DSC7334.JPG _DSC7335.JPG _DSC7336.JPG _DSC7337.JPG _DSC7338.JPG _DSC7339.JPG _DSC7340.JPG _DSC7341.JPG _DSC7342.JPG _DSC7343.JPG _DSC7345.JPG _DSC7346.JPG _DSC7347.JPG _DSC7348.JPG _DSC7349.JPG _DSC7350.JPG _DSC7351.JPG _DSC7352.JPG _DSC7353.JPG _DSC7354.JPG _DSC7355.JPG _DSC7356.JPG _DSC7358.JPG _DSC7360.JPG _DSC7362.JPG _DSC7363.JPG _DSC7364.JPG _DSC7365.JPG _DSC7366.JPG _DSC7367.JPG _DSC7368.JPG _DSC7369.JPG _DSC7370.JPG _DSC7371.JPG _DSC7372.JPG _DSC7373.JPG _DSC7374.JPG _DSC7375.JPG _DSC7376.JPG _DSC7377.JPG _DSC7378.JPG _DSC7379.JPG _DSC7380.JPG _DSC7381.JPG _DSC7382.JPG _DSC7385.JPG _DSC7386.JPG _DSC7320.MOV _DSC7321.MOV

Jamboree 2015 Day 1

_DSC2012.JPG _DSC2013.JPG _DSC2014.JPG _DSC2015.JPG _DSC2016.JPG _DSC2017.JPG _DSC2018.JPG _DSC2019.JPG _DSC2020.JPG _DSC2021.JPG _DSC2022.JPG _DSC2023.JPG _DSC2024.JPG _DSC2025.JPG _DSC2026.JPG _DSC2027.JPG _DSC2028.JPG _DSC2029.JPG _DSC2030.JPG _DSC2031.JPG _DSC2032.JPG _DSC2033.JPG _DSC2034.JPG _DSC2035.JPG _DSC2036.JPG _DSC2038.JPG _DSC2039.JPG _DSC2040.JPG _DSC2041.JPG _DSC2042.JPG _DSC2043.JPG _DSC2044.JPG _DSC2045.JPG _DSC2046.JPG _DSC2047.JPG _DSC2048.JPG _DSC2051.JPG _DSC2052.JPG _DSC2053.JPG _DSC2054.JPG _DSC2055.JPG _DSC2056.JPG _DSC2057.JPG _DSC2058.JPG

_DSC2009.JPG _DSC2010.JPG _DSC2011.JPG _DSC2049.JPG _DSC2050.JPG

Jamboree 2015 Day One

The site is rapidly filling up with happy campers and the weather has been just brilliant.

A few niggles with the portable toilets but other than that everything is great. We have more than 70 traders attending this year and Brian, Peter and Barry have been very busy placing them in their allocated pitches.

Our bucking bronco has broken down but Tony hoes to be able to fix it.

You really must come and see us.

CVWOC set up for Jamboree 2015

You may be surprised to learn that setting up the site or the Jamboree is not completed by the fairies it actually involves a band of volunteers from our Club working hard and giving up their time to achieve the miracle each and every year.

Thankfully this year we have Ian and his JCB GT and this machine has proved to be a real boon handling the heavy items with ease and cutting down on the manual handling tremendously. We thank Mr Bell for kindly allowing Ian use of his machine it is very much appreciated.

As you can see the weather is so far being very kind to us with plenty of blue sky and sunshine and only a couple of showers today, both of short duration and not enough to cause dismay.

The forecast is very goo for the weekend extending only to possible showers which we all can live with for sure.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow from 12.00 noon onwards when the gate open to arrivals.

A reminder to our visitors that one of our main charity beneficiaries this year is the Cornwall Air Ambulance, a service that is totally funded by public donation and fund raising. Cornwall was the first County in the Country to have an air ambulance and it has never received any funding at all from Central Government. Please visit their Gazebo located adjacent to the main marquee on site to support this invaluable service.

DSC_1828.JPG DSC_1829.JPG DSC_1830.JPG DSC_1831.JPG DSC_1832.JPG DSC_1833.JPG DSC_1834.JPG DSC_1835.JPG DSC_1836.JPG DSC_1837.JPG DSC_1838.JPG DSC_1839.JPG DSC_1840.JPG DSC_1841.JPG DSC_1842.JPG DSC_1843.JPG DSC_1844.JPG DSC_1845.JPG DSC_1846.JPG DSC_1847.JPG DSC_1848.JPG DSC_1849.JPG DSC_1850.JPG DSC_1851.JPG DSC_1852.JPG DSC_1853.JPG DSC_1854.JPG DSC_1856.JPG DSC_1857.JPG DSC_1858.JPG DSC_1859.JPG DSC_1860.JPG DSC_1861.JPG DSC_1862.JPG DSC_1863.JPG DSC_1864.JPG DSC_1865.JPG DSC_1866.JPG DSC_1867.JPG DSC_1868.JPG DSC_1869.JPG DSC_1870.JPG DSC_1871.JPG DSC_1872.JPG DSC_1873.JPG

One day to go

Good progress was made setting up the site yesterday and by the end of today all should be ready for the off.

Weather here today is bright with sunshine and around 4 octas cloud cover and  light breeze following an all out gale on Tuesday evening/night that shredded our banner and, demolished the marquee totally.Truro Marquees cleared away the debris and will be erecting a replacement today. Thankfully they had one available or we would have been in trouble!

We have lots of new things lined up to keep you entertained this year so look forward to seeing you all very soon now.




Programme of Events – Jamboree 2015




12.00 Gates open

16.00 Music Outside Marquee

18:00 Bar Opens- Main Marquee

18:00 Kids Disco- Main Marquee

19:00 Marnie – Main Marquee

20:00 Disco – Main Marquee

21:00 Jubilee Boys – Main Marquee

22:30 Disco- Main Marquee

23.00 Music switches to low level to adhere to local regulations

00:00 Bar & Marquee Closes


08:00 Gates Open

09:00 Traders Open

10:30 Mrs Marvellous – Children’s Entertainment- Main Marquee

10:30 Registration for Teams to enter Club Games – HQ

11:00 Bar Opens- Main Marquee

11:30 Club Games commence

12:00 Mr Wacky- Children’s Entertainment- Main Marquee

13:00 Belfast Busker- Outside Marquee

13:30 Mrs Marvellous- Children’s Entertainment- Main Marquee

14:30 Music with Ty- Main Marquee

15:00 Mr Wacky – Children’s Entertainment- Main Marquee

16:00 Belfast Busker- Outside Marquee

16:30 Music with Ty – Outside Marquee

18:00 Kids Disco – Main Marquee

19:00 Disco- Main Marquee- Cartoon Theme Fancy Dress

20:00 Band- After Dark – Main Marquee

21:00 Disco Resumes – Main Marquee

22:00 Band- After Dark – Main Marquee

23:00 Music switches to low level to adhere to local regulations

00:00 Bar & Marquee Closes


08:00 Gates Open

09:00 Traders Open

09:00 Show & Shine Registration Opens

10:30 Country Fair crossover gate opens (discounted admission of just £2 from Jamboree)

10:30 Mrs Marvellous – Children’s Entertainment- Main Marquee

11:00 Show & Shine Registration Closes

11:00 Bar Opens- Main Marquee

11:00 Belfast Busker- Outside Marquee

12:00 Show & Shine Judging Commences

12:00 Mr Wacky- Children’s Entertainment- Main Marquee

12:00 Music with Ty- Outside Marquee

13:30 Mrs Marvellous- Children’s Entertainment- Main Marquee

13:30 Belfast Busker- Outside Marquee

15:00 Mr Wacky- Children’s Entertainment- Main Marquee

16:00 Show & Shine Awards- Outside Marquee

16:30 Music Outside Marquee

17:30 Kids Disco- Main Marquee

18:30 Band – Weazledust – Main Marquee

20:00 Disco –Main Marquee

20:30 Band- Area 51- Main Marquee

21:30 Disco- Main Marquee

22:00 Band- Area 51- Main Marquee

22:45 Live Music Ends- Main Marque

Add to this the attractions to be found on site on each day and you will never be bored.Show and shine all through Sunday with no vehicle to be moved until published time.

Mount Hawke Skate Park Display

Cornwall Model Air Display

Mr Bamboozle and his amazing balloons

Marks Ark displaying his menagerie!!!!!

CVWOC Jamboree Team 2015 Welcome you to the Show

Show and Shine 2015 – Classes

Show & Shine

The classes for the 2015 Show and Shine are as follows:

Entrants have sole responsibility for selecting and entering the appropriate
class for their vehicle.

1 Standard air cooled sedan

2 Modified air cooled sedan

3 Standard type2 T1 (Splitty)

4 Modified/patina type2 T1(Splitty)

5 Standard type2 T2 68/79 (Bay)

6 Modified type2 T2 68/79 (Bay)

7 Standard/modified type2 T3 (Type 25)

8 Standard/modified T4

9 Sandard/modified T5

10 Standard water cooled 73/91 (Car)

12 Standard water cooled 91/05 (Car),

13 Modified water cooled 91/05 (Car)

14 New VW 05/current.

15 VW based kits and specials

16 Junior Dubber’s rides

17 People’s Choice

All entries are to remain in position in the show and shine area umtil at least 16.30Hrs to give our visitors
ample time to view the show vehicles. This is also a Health and Safety issue concerning moving vehicles
on site with the public in attendance.

Please ensure you comply with the instruction and guidance given by any show official as we are not able
to make any exceptions.

CVWOC Show and Shine Team

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