Jamboree photo edits 1

Chromed_DSC9448.jpg Blues Singer_DSC9618.jpg aww sweet_DSC9624.jpg Golden girl_DSC9614.jpg Duet finale_DSC9625.jpg American VOI_DSC9538.jpg Rat Ghia_DSC9510.jpg Dusty re-sprayed_DSC9462.jpg Foggy_DSC9559.jpg True luv_DSC9595.jpg C_DSC2050.jpg Chevrolet 65_DSC9563.jpg can we take him home_DSC9567.jpg Andy rat_DSC9506.jpg Dynoroofus bay_DSC9503.jpg Buggy_DSC9540.jpg Amazon VOI_DSC9539.jpg Scotts Acme van_DSC9547.jpg Chromed mono Scotts Acme van_DSC9547.jpg wheres the beach_DSC9479.jpg Pontinose_DSC9538.jpg ChromedPontinose_DSC9538.jpg A Reesmobile_DSC9442.jpg Millie and caroline_DSC2041.jpg vert_DSC9572.jpg

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Jamboree 2014 Day 3

Showing the Show and Shine, Mk1 Golf GTI Club display, Belfast Busker, Mr T, Stone Cold Gipsy, Beth Morris, presetations and the last evening in the marquee

_DSC9407.JPG _DSC9408.JPG _DSC9409.JPG _DSC9410.JPG _DSC9411.JPG _DSC9412.JPG _DSC9414.JPG _DSC9415.JPG _DSC9416.JPG _DSC9417.JPG _DSC9418.JPG _DSC9419.JPG _DSC9420.JPG _DSC9421.JPG _DSC9422.JPG _DSC9423.JPG _DSC9424.JPG _DSC9425.JPG _DSC9426.JPG _DSC9427.JPG _DSC9428.JPG _DSC9429.JPG _DSC9430.JPG _DSC9431.JPG _DSC9432.JPG _DSC9433.JPG _DSC9434.JPG _DSC9435.JPG _DSC9436.JPG _DSC9437.JPG _DSC9438.JPG _DSC9439.JPG _DSC9440.JPG _DSC9441.JPG _DSC9442.JPG _DSC9443.JPG _DSC9445.JPG _DSC9446.JPG _DSC9447.JPG _DSC9448.JPG _DSC9449.JPG _DSC9450.JPG _DSC9451.JPG _DSC9452.JPG _DSC9453.JPG _DSC9454.JPG _DSC9455.JPG _DSC9456.JPG _DSC9457.JPG _DSC9458.JPG _DSC9459.JPG _DSC9460.JPG _DSC9461.JPG _DSC9462.JPG _DSC9463.JPG _DSC9464.JPG _DSC9465.JPG _DSC9466.JPG _DSC9467.JPG _DSC9468.JPG _DSC9469.JPG _DSC9470.JPG _DSC9471.JPG _DSC9472.JPG _DSC9473.JPG _DSC9474.JPG _DSC9475.JPG _DSC9476.JPG _DSC9477.JPG _DSC9478.JPG _DSC9479.JPG _DSC9480.JPG _DSC9481.JPG _DSC9482.JPG _DSC9483.JPG _DSC9484.JPG _DSC9485.JPG _DSC9486.JPG _DSC9487.JPG _DSC9488.JPG _DSC9489.JPG _DSC9490.JPG _DSC9491.JPG _DSC9492.JPG _DSC9493.JPG _DSC9494.JPG _DSC9495.JPG _DSC9496.JPG _DSC9497.JPG _DSC9498.JPG _DSC9499.JPG _DSC9500.JPG _DSC9501.JPG _DSC9502.JPG _DSC9503.JPG _DSC9504.JPG _DSC9505.JPG _DSC9506.JPG _DSC9507.JPG _DSC9508.JPG _DSC9509.JPG _DSC9510.JPG _DSC9511.JPG _DSC9512.JPG _DSC9513.JPG _DSC9514.JPG _DSC9515.JPG _DSC9516.JPG _DSC9517.JPG _DSC9518.JPG _DSC9519.JPG _DSC9520.JPG _DSC9521.JPG _DSC9522.JPG _DSC9523.JPG _DSC9524.JPG _DSC9525.JPG _DSC9526.JPG _DSC9527.JPG _DSC9528.JPG _DSC9529.JPG _DSC9530.JPG _DSC9531.JPG _DSC9532.JPG _DSC9533.JPG _DSC9534.JPG _DSC9535.JPG _DSC9536.JPG _DSC9537.JPG _DSC9538.JPG _DSC9539.JPG _DSC9540.JPG _DSC9541.JPG _DSC9542.JPG _DSC9543.JPG _DSC9544.JPG _DSC9545.JPG _DSC9546.JPG _DSC9547.JPG _DSC9548.JPG _DSC9549.JPG _DSC9550.JPG _DSC9551.JPG _DSC9552.JPG _DSC9553.JPG _DSC9554.JPG _DSC9555.JPG _DSC9556.JPG _DSC9557.JPG _DSC9558.JPG _DSC9559.JPG _DSC9560.JPG _DSC9561.JPG _DSC9562.JPG _DSC9563.JPG _DSC9564.JPG _DSC9565.JPG _DSC9566.JPG _DSC9567.JPG _DSC9568.JPG _DSC9569.JPG _DSC9570.JPG _DSC9571.JPG _DSC9572.JPG _DSC9573.JPG _DSC9574.JPG _DSC9575.JPG _DSC9576.JPG _DSC9577.JPG _DSC9578.JPG _DSC9579.JPG _DSC9580.JPG _DSC9581.JPG _DSC9582.JPG _DSC9583.JPG _DSC9584.JPG _DSC9585.JPG _DSC9586.JPG _DSC9587.JPG _DSC9588.JPG _DSC9589.JPG _DSC9590.JPG _DSC9591.JPG _DSC9592.JPG _DSC9593.JPG _DSC9594.JPG _DSC9595.JPG _DSC9596.JPG _DSC9597.JPG _DSC9598.JPG _DSC9600.JPG _DSC9601.JPG _DSC9602.JPG _DSC9603.JPG _DSC9604.JPG _DSC9605.JPG _DSC9606.JPG _DSC9607.JPG _DSC9608.JPG _DSC9609.JPG _DSC9610.JPG _DSC9611.JPG _DSC9612.JPG _DSC9613.JPG _DSC9614.JPG _DSC9615.JPG _DSC9616.JPG _DSC9617.JPG _DSC9618.JPG _DSC9619.JPG _DSC9620.JPG _DSC9621.JPG _DSC9622.JPG _DSC9623.JPG _DSC9624.JPG _DSC9625.JPG _DSC9626.JPG _DSC9627.JPG _DSC9628.JPG _DSC9630.JPG _DSC9631.JPG _DSC9632.JPG _DSC9633.JPG _DSC9634.JPG _DSC9635.JPG _DSC9636.JPG _DSC9637.JPG _DSC9638.JPG _DSC9639.JPG _DSC9640.JPG _DSC9641.JPG _DSC9642.JPG _DSC9643.JPG _DSC9644.JPG _DSC9645.JPG _DSC9646.JPG _DSC9647.JPG _DSC2014.JPG _DSC2016.JPG _DSC2017.JPG _DSC2018.JPG _DSC2019.JPG _DSC2020.JPG _DSC2021.JPG _DSC2022.JPG _DSC2023.JPG _DSC2024.JPG _DSC2025.JPG _DSC2026.JPG _DSC2027.JPG _DSC2028.JPG _DSC2029.JPG _DSC2030.JPG _DSC2032.JPG _DSC2033.JPG _DSC2034.JPG _DSC2037.JPG _DSC2038.JPG _DSC2039.JPG _DSC2040.JPG _DSC2041.JPG _DSC2042.JPG _DSC2043.JPG _DSC2044.JPG _DSC2045.JPG _DSC2046.JPG _DSC2047.JPG _DSC2048.JPG _DSC2049.JPG _DSC2050.JPG _DSC2051.JPG _DSC2052.JPG _DSC2053.JPG _DSC2054.JPG _DSC2055.JPG _DSC2056.JPG _DSC2057.JPG _DSC2058.JPG _DSC2059.JPG _DSC2060.JPG _DSC2061.JPG _DSC2062.JPG _DSC2063.JPG _DSC2064.JPG _DSC2065.JPG _DSC2066.JPG _DSC2067.JPG _DSC2068.JPG _DSC2069.JPG _DSC2070.JPG _DSC2071.JPG _DSC2072.JPG _DSC2073.JPG _DSC2074.JPG _DSC2075.JPG _DSC2076.JPG _DSC2077.JPG _DSC2078.JPG _DSC2079.JPG _DSC2080.JPG

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Jamboree 2014 Day 2

Around the traders area, the camping fields and the site in general.

_DSC1796.JPG _DSC1797.JPG _DSC1799.JPG _DSC1800.JPG _DSC1801.JPG _DSC1802.JPG _DSC1804.JPG _DSC1805.JPG _DSC1806.JPG _DSC1808.JPG _DSC1809.JPG _DSC1810.JPG _DSC1811.JPG _DSC1812.JPG _DSC1813.JPG _DSC1814.JPG _DSC1815.JPG _DSC1816.JPG _DSC1817.JPG _DSC1818.JPG _DSC1819.JPG _DSC1820.JPG _DSC1821.JPG _DSC1822.JPG _DSC1823.JPG _DSC1824.JPG _DSC1825.JPG _DSC1826.JPG _DSC1827.JPG _DSC1828.JPG _DSC1829.JPG _DSC1830.JPG _DSC1831.JPG _DSC1832.JPG _DSC1833.JPG _DSC1834.JPG _DSC1835.JPG _DSC1836.JPG _DSC1837.JPG _DSC1838.JPG _DSC1839.JPG _DSC1840.JPG _DSC1841.JPG _DSC1842.JPG _DSC1843.JPG _DSC1844.JPG _DSC1845.JPG _DSC1846.JPG _DSC1847.JPG _DSC1848.JPG _DSC1849.JPG _DSC1850.JPG _DSC1851.JPG _DSC1852.JPG _DSC1853.JPG _DSC1854.JPG _DSC1855.JPG _DSC1856.JPG _DSC1857.JPG _DSC1858.JPG _DSC1859.JPG _DSC1860.JPG _DSC1861.JPG _DSC1862.JPG _DSC1863.JPG _DSC1864.JPG _DSC1865.JPG _DSC1866.JPG _DSC1867.JPG _DSC1868.JPG _DSC1869.JPG _DSC1870.JPG _DSC1871.JPG _DSC1872.JPG _DSC1873.JPG _DSC1874.JPG _DSC1875.JPG _DSC1876.JPG _DSC1877.JPG _DSC1878.JPG _DSC1879.JPG _DSC1880.JPG _DSC1881.JPG _DSC1882.JPG _DSC1883.JPG _DSC1884.JPG _DSC1885.JPG _DSC1886.JPG _DSC1887.JPG _DSC1888.JPG _DSC1889.JPG _DSC1890.JPG _DSC1891.JPG _DSC1892.JPG _DSC1893.JPG _DSC1894.JPG _DSC1895.JPG _DSC1896.JPG _DSC1897.JPG _DSC1898.JPG _DSC1899.JPG _DSC1900.JPG _DSC1901.JPG _DSC1902.JPG _DSC1903.JPG _DSC1904.JPG _DSC1905.JPG _DSC1906.JPG _DSC1907.JPG _DSC1908.JPG _DSC1909.JPG _DSC1910.JPG _DSC1911.JPG _DSC1912.JPG _DSC1913.JPG _DSC1914.JPG _DSC1915.JPG _DSC1916.JPG _DSC1917.JPG _DSC1918.JPG _DSC1919.JPG _DSC1921.JPG _DSC1922.JPG _DSC1923.JPG _DSC1924.JPG _DSC1925.JPG _DSC1926.JPG _DSC1927.JPG _DSC1928.JPG _DSC1929.JPG _DSC1930.JPG _DSC1931.JPG _DSC1932.JPG _DSC1933.JPG _DSC1934.JPG _DSC1935.JPG _DSC1936.JPG _DSC1937.JPG _DSC1938.JPG _DSC1939.JPG _DSC1940.JPG _DSC1941.JPG _DSC1942.JPG _DSC1943.JPG _DSC1944.JPG _DSC1945.JPG _DSC1946.JPG _DSC1947.JPG _DSC1948.JPG _DSC1949.JPG _DSC1950.JPG _DSC1951.JPG _DSC1952.JPG _DSC1953.JPG _DSC1954.JPG _DSC1955.JPG _DSC1956.JPG _DSC1957.JPG _DSC1958.JPG _DSC1959.JPG _DSC1960.JPG _DSC1961.JPG _DSC1962.JPG _DSC1963.JPG _DSC1964.JPG _DSC1965.JPG _DSC1966.JPG _DSC1967.JPG _DSC1968.JPG _DSC1969.JPG _DSC1970.JPG _DSC1971.JPG _DSC1972.JPG _DSC1973.JPG _DSC1974.JPG _DSC1975.JPG _DSC1976.JPG _DSC1978.JPG _DSC1979.JPG _DSC1980.JPG _DSC1981.JPG _DSC1982.JPG _DSC1983.JPG _DSC1984.JPG _DSC1985.JPG _DSC1986.JPG _DSC1987.JPG _DSC1988.JPG _DSC1989.JPG _DSC1990.JPG _DSC1991.JPG _DSC1992.JPG _DSC1993.JPG _DSC1994.JPG _DSC1995.JPG _DSC1996.JPG _DSC1997.JPG _DSC1998.JPG _DSC1999.JPG _DSC2000.JPG _DSC2001.JPG _DSC2002.JPG _DSC2003.JPG _DSC2004.JPG _DSC2005.JPG _DSC2006.JPG _DSC2007.JPG _DSC2008.JPG _DSC2009.JPG _DSC2010.JPG _DSC2011.JPG _DSC2012.JPG _DSC2013.JPG _DSC9388.JPG _DSC9365.JPG _DSC9366.JPG _DSC9367.JPG _DSC9368.JPG _DSC9369.JPG _DSC9372.JPG _DSC9373.JPG _DSC9374.JPG _DSC9381.JPG _DSC9382.JPG _DSC9383.JPG _DSC9384.JPG _DSC9385.JPG _DSC9386.JPG _DSC9387.JPG _DSC9390.JPG _DSC9391.JPG _DSC9392.JPG _DSC9393.JPG _DSC9394.JPG _DSC9395.JPG _DSC9396.JPG _DSC9397.JPG _DSC9398.JPG _DSC9399.JPG _DSC9400.JPG _DSC9401.JPG _DSC9402.JPG _DSC9403.JPG _DSC9404.JPG _DSC9405.JPG _DSC9406.JPG

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Jamboree 2014 Day 1


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Jamboree 2014 day one in pictures

Click here for day one photos

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CVWOC Jamboree 2014

Time is rushing past now and the Jamboree is now less than two weeks away!

It’s time to put the pedal to the metal if you want to save some money by pre-booking

your tickets via the http://cvwoc.co.uk   website paying by Paypal for your safety and



Advanced booking will close on Friday 15th August so get your skates on to buy your

tickets at the reduced advanced price.


Everything is looking good for the show, the usual attractions plus several new ones

to keep everyone amused for the three days spent with us.


Be there or be square it will be a great weekend.

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Save Money – Advanced Bookingfor CVWOC Jamboree 2014

To purchase your tickets online with payment via your Paypal account please CLICK HERE


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Jamboree 2014

Hi everyone, here we are in February 2014 and thinking about the 2014 event in August.

After the weather we have had to endure for the last few weeks, with more of the same to come, we are already praying for a warm and sunny event in August, we all deserve that at least.

The decision has been taken for the 2014 theme and, this year we are re-visiting the theme we had 10 years age and it is to be:


That will give everyone plenty of scope from coming dressed as Long John Silver to the full back of the Cornish Pirates or a parrot , whatever you fancy is fine by us.

As the organisation unfolds news will be placed onto the site.

Norman – Jamboree Co-ordinator

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CVWOC Jamboree in pictures

From set up to the Show and Shine on Sunday here is the Jamboree in
pictures and a few videos too.

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Show and Shine results 2013

Show and Shine Results 2013:

Super Class

Simon Surridge- Pastel White 1968 Bay Window.


Standard Air Cooled Car 1936-1978

1st- Martin Curtis-White 1967 Beetle.



2nd- Jason Bateman- Red 1969 Beetle.



Modified Air Cooled Car 1936-1978

1st- Nick Quince- Red 1969 Beetle.


2nd- Matt Edwards- Silver 1956 Oval Beetle.


Best Splitscreen

1st-Barry Bryant- Green and White 1966 Canterbury Pitt.



2nd- J Thorn- Pastel White 1967 Combi.



Best Baywindow

1st- Mark Dean- Orange and White 1972 Beach Hut.




2nd Simon May- Blue 1974 Westy.



Best T25

1st- Bill Goss- Blue 1991 Camper.


2nd- Darren Stuart- Blue 1985 Camper.


Best T4

1st- Martyn Laurence- Green 2001.



2nd- Roger Cook- Ice Blue 2002.



Best T5

1st- Jim Moorfield- Green 2005.


2nd- Mike Cornwall- Grey 2004.


Best Pre 1991 VW Watercooled

1st- Mark Heyler- White 1988 Mk2 Golf GTI.



2nd- Stephen Whitford- Blue 1988 Golf GTI.



Best Watercooled VW post 1991

1st- Gary Ainsbury- Green 1995 Golf VR32.



2nd- Rachael Axford- Blue and Pink 2001 New Beetle.

VW Based Kits and Specials

1st- David Rayment- Meyers Manx Bug, 1969 Red.


2nd Jon and Bex Stephen- Beach Buggy, 1958 Lime Green.



Rat Look Van

1st- Scott Penhaligon- Split Panel- ACME Bus 1963.


2nd- Adam Hunt- Split PAnel- Blue 1955.



Rat Look Car

1st- Andrew Pentelow- Red 1964 Red Beetle.



2nd- Nic Burden- Grenny Grey 1959 Beetle.


Best Interior

Dusty Millar- 1966 Green and Cream Splitscreen.

Best Accessory

Adam Hunt- Stereo in Vanity Case.

Judges Choice

Mark Dunmore- Caddy Pick Up 1989.


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